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2022/07 We are organizing another compilation and rebooting the community more info soon stay tuned!

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We are always looking for more gearheads to collaborate with. We have a tradition of everyone bringing different electronic gear to jam on with our sessions, get in touch!

Memory Echo upcoming shows/news!


Some great events in 2017 where organized by IDP and Crash Override (William S Braintree).

11/02/2016 Dragonotter played wormhole in Oakland.

Fractal Dragon, Dragonotter, Lowghos, SoundObserver and Electronic Sleep played, at the 2016 Emerald Oaks Campout a electronic/rasta/glitch festival in the bay.

05/12/2016 Cygnus, Braintree, Sweguno, Dragonotter, Red Turban and SoJa Calcium played downtown San Francisco.

01/07/2016 Terminal11, Electronic Sleep, Montaux, Fluorescent Grey, Sweguno, Captain Marmalade played downtown San Francisco.

Dragonotter, Lowghos, SoundObserver, Electronic Sleep and Peek are Played Emerald Oaks Campout an electronic/rasta/glitch festival in the bay.

08/13/2015 F8 downtown San Francisco with William S. Braintree, Electronic Sleep, Dragonotter, Sweguno and Counter Vulture

05/28/2015 F8 downtown San Francisco Aphex Twin SoundCloud remix party with Electronic Sleep, William S. Braintree, Fluorescent Grey and Sweguno.

Counter Vulture played in March 29th in Oakland. link

Lowghos and Artaius G played April 3rd at Don Quixote in Santa Cruz . link

Electronic Sleep and Dragonotter played April 18th at 50 Mason Social House in SF. link
Electronic Sleep played Thought Society event Jellyfish contact for more info. link

Fresh Produce electronic music event in Santa Cruz hosted by Peek! 01/10/2015

Fresh Produce electronic music event in Santa Cruz hosted by Peek! 12/13/2014

Gravity ft. JBrave & Dragonotter at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz

lectronic Music Event in Santa Cruz Warehouse 11/22 with Dragonotter, Jbrave and Vibe Aeon

Counter Vulture and Hakuin played a show in SF 11/21 with heartworm, Vankman and Mark N!

Art / Electronic Music Event at Honey Hive 11/05 with Onslaught Ocelot, Dragonotter, DragonFLY (France), Red Turban, Electronic Sleep, Jbrave

Electronic Music Event in Santa Cruz 11/08 with JBrave, Peek Dragonotter and Electronic Sleep

Art / Electronic Music Event at Honey Hive 10/15 with JBrave, Dragonotter and Electronic Sleep

Art / Electronic Music Event at Honey Hive 10/1 with Artaius G, Dragonotter, JBrave, Electronic Sleep

Electronic Sleep played a show downtown SF Sept 27 at a Future!Future event down in the tea chill out room.

Art / Electronic Music event at Honey Hive 9/17 with Peek, Duktap, Dragonotter, Jbrave and Electronic Sleep

Art / Electronic Music event at Honey Hive 9/6 with Dragontter, CounterVulture, Hakuin, JBrave and Electronic Sleep

Honey Hive/Memory Echo 1st 3rd Wednesday in San Francisco

Played Emerald Oaks Campout 9/5/2014 with SoundObserver, Dragonotter, Electronic Sleep, Fractal Dragon and Lowghos!

Organized Honey Hive Gallery Art+Electronic Music Event 9/3/2014 with CounterVulture, Hakuin, Dragonotter, Electronic Sleep and JBrave!

July 21st 2014 Electronic Sleep and Dragonotter are playing the Emrald Oaks campout in September, also organizing a shows at galleries around San Francisco in August and one in Santa Cruz, stay tuned for more info.

July 1st 2014 Memory Echo has been working on a social site to share media where users can communicate and share ideas and digital art in a musician and artist community. Core features complete and working on a dynamic visual feature that will be unique and powerful for producers! The software currently has a fast music player and visual waveform analysis to image, profiles, posts and comments on tracks. Very excited to where this is headed and planning on keeping it true to independent musicians and artists!

Brian played a beat swap in Berkeley in June

Electronic Sleep is playing an underground location in Santa Cruz on May 5th 2014, contact for more info.

Electronic Sleep played Transmission an underground location in Oakland on May 4th 2014, where the audience is encouraged to bring boomboxes and transmit the show to their own location. Contact for more info.

Electronic Sleep and Dragonotter played a show for a Raw Data Tour March 1st 2014... with Dialon, Perksun, iontheprize and many more.

Electronic Sleep, BadMon, Clihax, Jbrave, Dragonotter played an underground show at the Memory Echo warehouse Feb 22nd.

Counter Vulture played a show at 5lowershop on Feb 1st 2014 with Bloody Snowman, Fluorescent Grey, Heartworm and DSynth.

Draogonotter did live painting at the Tipper Show in Santa Cruz December 28th 2013.

Freakers Ball 10/26/2013 Public Works with Little John, Bonobo (DJ set), Russ Liquid, Dax, Stridah, Lowghos, Electronic Sleep, and more Electronic Sleep and Lowghos in the chill room!

October 2013 was a great month moved into a new warehouse in Santa Cruz and using it as a art and music space.

Website launched! We are a group of musicians that collaborate and are always working on new music, either improvised or perfecting our masterpieces.